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  • Bottom Bouncer Basics for Walleye

    Bottom Bouncer Basics for Walleye

    By Jason Mitchell

    In both North and South Dakota, bottom bouncer rigs have been catching walleye on the Missouri River reservoirs for an awfully long time. The popularity of bottom bouncers however has expanded far and wide. Come mid-summer, bottom bouncers are probably my go to presentation to catch walleyes day in and day out on many different fisheries. The reason bottom bouncers are so effective is the simple versatility. You can speed up to cover water at over two miles per...
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  • Traveling walleyes

    Traveling walleyes

    by Bob Jensen

    In much of Walleye Country, walleyes are moving from their spring hangouts to their summer locations. This movement usually lasts a couple of weeks. While they’re moving away from their spawning areas and toward summering areas, the fish can be a little difficult to stay on. They will usually be in one spot today and somewhere else a day or two later. Following are some ideas for catching more walleyes during this transition period.

    Keep in mind that
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  • Slip Bobber Walleyes

    Slip Bobber Walleyes

    By Jason Mitchell

    On so many natural lakes, slip bobbers are deadly on walleye. Particularly early in the season. Cold fronts, crashing water temps and dirty water accompanied by strong winds might absolutely wreck many bites but slip bobbers still seem to catch fish during the tough conditions. Tough to beat a lively leech squirming in place just for the sake of catching walleye. The other reality however with slip bobber fishing is that finding fish is a probe. You must pick...
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  • Late Ice Fishing Action

    Late Ice Fishing Action

    by Bob Jensen

    The groundhog in Pennsylvania that predicts an early spring or extended winter recently emerged and didn’t see his shadow. That would suggest that spring will arrive early this year. Statistics indicate that Phil the Groundhog is right about 40 percent of the time. If recent weather is any indicator, it would appear that the groundhog is going to be right this year. Some of us look forward to late ice-fishing because it can be so good. I think that March...
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  • Crappie on the Ceiling

    Crappie on the Ceiling

    By Jason Mitchell

    Never say never and never say always with fishing but when it comes to catching big crappie through the ice, there are a few lessons that seem repeating. Doesn’t matter if you find crappie suspended over basins or classic wintering holes. Could be shallow weeds or pencil reeds. Maybe sharp breaking basin or channel edges. Perhaps you are fishing flooded brush piles, cribs or submerged timber. Wherever crappie swim, we often find a universal theme. In fact, this is...
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